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fragrance masterbatch is an additive that the plastic having a good  fragrance effect.


fragrance masterbatch can be used in toys (plastic toys, pet toys, the plush toys), sachet, handicrafts, home appliances, stationery, car accessories and the packing of health care, beauty and cosmetics, which can add new marketing efforts.

when getting fragrance masterbatch, just like smelling various flavors, such as pure and fresh flowers, sweet fruit, which easily applied to the process of plastic products, having a good  fragrance effect.

as long as fragrance masterbatch and other material mix in advance, through the general production procedure, which can make your plastic products much more competitive.


floral: jasmine, osmanthus, rose, gardenia, magnolia,lavender, vanilla;

fruit: apple, lemon, strawberry, peach;

others:roast beef, chocolate.

if there is any special requirements, we can depend on customer's need to custom-tailor and achieve the ideal effect.


fragrance masterbatch can be applied to any thermoplastic operation process, such as film blowing, blown molding, injection, extrusion and film high frequency welding and foamed plastic film.

same as color masterbatch, the usage of fragrance masterbatch is mixing with other basic raw materials by suggested ratio and general production procedure.

the ratio is decided by the final product's request. for example, if covering the smell of plastic, less 1% is enough. if getting the unique fragrance of platic, the ratio is 2%-5% suggested.


the fragrance masterbatch life is very unfathomable, because fragrance masterbatch have different volatilizing speed in different final product. which is decided by the types and formula, the shape and thickness of plastic. in addition, the flow of air is the key of the fragrance masterbatch life, so the final product will be packed, and put in the box.

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