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nano modified mb

nano modified masterbatch is a new type of polymer modified material, which uses nanotechnology surface modification technology. it will carry out coating treatment for the ultrafine particles, at the same time it uses a special dispersion technology, making the ultrafine particles uniformly dispersed in resin, thereby to create some high-performance composite materials.

the adding of masterbatch can improve the toughness and brightness performance of the plastic products, which will realize the high-performance and low-costs for the related plastic products. the master-batch uses the natural materials such as inorganic powders, which will not only save the oil resources, but also could be recycled.

nano modified masterbatch have good compatibility with hdpe,ldpe,lldpe and pp plastic, this product is featured with the acid and basic resistance, organic solvent resistance, and excellent electrical insulating properties, therefore it could be used as a substitute product for the polyolefin plastic.

product applications:
nano modified masterbatch is a high-grade modified plastic material, which is applicable to hdpe and lldpe blown film, pp injection molding, pp sheet materials, pp wire drawing and hdpe pipe, and so on. nano modified masterbatch is particularly applicable to the film materials, and it can reinforce the films rally.

indicators of physical property:
1. shape: granular
2. appearance: white3.mi: 0.1-84. density: 1.65 g/cm³

product features:
1. the product costs: according to the forms of different products, this addictive can be added with more than 10 per cent, and therefore to reduce the product cost up to more than 5 per cent.
2. the mechanical property: the strength and toughness of the plastic products can be increased by adding this product.
3. the features of the finished products: the brightness of the finished products can be increased by adding this product, as for the film products, by adding this product, their transparencies will be increased, they will be featured with more smooth-touch, as well as the opening performance of the film products will also be increased.
4. the processing performance: its flowing property is very good, and has good compatibility with pe and pp resin. the ordinary equipments can be used, so that it has no necessary to change the related processing technology, and it has excellent processing performance, therefore the productivity will be improved.
5. an ideal additive: non-toxic, non-stimulation, good plasticizing, uniform particle size.

processing guide:
since the nano modified masterbatch have a good plasticizing performance and mobile performance, add nano modified masterbatch processing temperature can be reduced by 5 �� -10 ��, the typical adding ratio: 10% ~ 30%, and the ratio is adjustable according to the customers�� requirements.
the following three steps will be passed when processing: [batching] �� [pre-mixing] �� [forming]
1. batching: in accordance with the requirements of plastic parts, choose the batching ratio.
2. pre-mixing: adding the weighed materials and suitable amount of colorants or master-batch into the mixer, to carry out the simple pre-mixing.
3. forming: loading the well pre-mixed materials into the plastic jetting-molding machine or the hopper of the extruder, execute injection molding or extrusion.

packaging store:
1. the external packing uses the complex packaging bags, and the internal packing uses the plastic packaging bags;
2. net weight of per bag: 25 kg;
3. the product should be stored in clean, ventilated, dry, and cool place;
4. handling carefully, to avoid packaging damaged, to keep out of sun exposure and rain;
5 .if the packaging has been damaged or the master-batch has been exposed to moisture, the simple dry treatment can be carried out on the related products, or the plastic dehydration masterbatch of our company may be used to solve this problem.

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