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the product is a new high-performance and multi-function granular organic silicon plastic lubricant. as a dispersing lubrication modifier, the product adopts a special modified organo-silicon polymer as the major component and uses a few functional auxiliaries. the product is suitable to be matched with granular resins or granular fillers to produce plastic products through direct extrusion or injection moulding. the organic silicon plastic modifier is able to improve the processing conditions of various thermoplastics and improve the performance of plastic products. it can improve the fluidity of fusion resin, reduce the energy consumption of injection and extrusion processing, extend the service life of the processing equipment, improve the surface smoothness of plastic products and improve the strength and resistance to wear of the products.

physical properties:
appearance: white to semi-transparent cylindrical particle
content of modified silicone: 70��
recommended addition: 0.1-3��
1. eliminate melt cracking and reduce accumulation at mould head.
2. better mold filling and demoulding.
3. improve the workability and fluidity, reduce energy consumption of processing, improve production efficiency and extend the service life of processing equipment.
4. improve the smoothness, gloss, sense of touch and resistance to wear of the plastic surface.
5. improve the impact strength, tensile strength and resistance to aging of plastic, and extend the service life of plastic products.
6. improve the flame retardance of plastic products.
7. improve the dispersion of pigments and fillers without affecting the subsequent processing of the products (for example, when printing or painting the plastic products)
application field and method of use:
applicable to such thermoplastics as pp, pe, eva, epdm, abs, pa, pc, pbt, ppo, pps, pvc and nylon

method of use: mix the organic silicon plastic modifier and the masterbatch of the thermoplastic resin evenly according to a proportion. to avoid uneven mixing, continuous fixed quantity adding in proportion according to a proportion through a lateral feed inlet with a special feed screw bolt is recommended. then perform extrusion or injection processing through a single/double -screw extruder or an injection machine. when the addition is 0.2-1%, it can improve the fluidity and mould filling ability, and reduce the processing temperature, making demoulding easier. it also increases the extrusion quantity and reduces the torsional moment of the extruder, thus reducing the energy consumption. when the addition is 1-5%, it can improve the surface property of plastic products, such as lubricity, gloss, smoothness, resistance to scratch, aging, corrosion and wear as well as solderability. it can also improve the tensile strength, impact strength and flexural strength of plastic, so that the surface of plastic products can be spray-painted and printed. due to its inertia, stability and very low vitrification point (-50��), the product can keep a good elasticity for a long time no matter under high temperature or low temperature.
if the product is used in manufacture of polyolefin cables, it can deliver good flame retardance, improve the gloss of cable surface, prevent melt cracking, and increase the elongation of cables by 4 times. the product is able to reduce the frictional coefficient of plastic significantly. for example, the frictional coefficients of ps and abs are 0.50 and 0.60 respectively. after 2% of the product is added, the frictional coefficients decrease to 0.12 and 0.31 respectively. the coefficient of kinetic friction and coefficient of static friction of nylon 66 are 0.38 and 0.35 respectively, and they become 0.12 and 0.20 respectively after 2% of the product is added. the coefficient of kinetic friction and coefficient of static friction of 30% glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 are 0.40 and 0.33 respectively, and they become 0.14 and 0.10 respectively after 2% of the product is added. the toughness of plastic products can also be improved after the product is added. if pom or abs is modified by adding 2% of the product, the elongation will improve by 2-3 times. if pc is modified, the notch impact strength will also increase by 3 times.
a test should be done to determine the addition usually before processing of different types of resins and plastic products, and then adjust the addition according to specific requirements.

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