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wuxi changhong masterbatches co.,ltd
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since 1993, wuxi changhong masterbatches co.,ltd manufactures high technology plastic color masterbatches, performance additives and special effect masterbatch.

since 2005, founding langxi changhong masterbatches co.,ltd to manufacture plastic black and white masterbatches.

also since 2015, we merged suzhou baisheng fiber masterbatches co.,ltd successfully to manufacture high-end polyester and polyamide filament yarn, staple fiber masterbatches.

with years of pragmatic striving and innovation, our annual capacity reaches 30,000mt masterbatches.

as a first-class masterbatch supplier and manufacturer in china, we offer plastic masterbatch, fiber masterbatch, additive and special effect masterbatch, widely serve for the areas of household electrical appliance, package, fiber, auto, building material and medical treatment, etc.

it is our eternal pursuit of providing supreme products and best service to our customers. we hope that we will achieve mutual benefit and a win-win progress as well as harmonious and sustainable development.

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